Aldarria’s Handbook

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What are you - Shivering Dwarf
I am the darkness that you hate,
I am the fire you seek, 
I am the death that meets you - Hideous Monstrosity

Introduction (skip me for free GP)

So you know about the lands. Now you want to make a character. You pull out your trusty 5e books from Wizards of the Coast and begin to work. You feel good about your Tiefling Sorcerer, you even have them worship RHA. You walk into town, fail your first disguise check, and find yourself being burned at the stake. Not my fault you didn’t read this article or introduction. Moral of the story is that certain races are going to be hated.


Nice to meet you - Adventurer
Nice to meet you - Half Orc disguised as an Elf (poorly)
What brings ye around these parts - Adventurer
The fine dining - Half Orc

Here is a quick overview of the not-going-to-get-killed in a town races:

  • Dwarf – The master race
  • Human – The most race
  • Elf – The pretty boy race
  • Half-Elf – The hated race because you’re half the majority and half pretty
  • Halfing – The half race (hobo and a rabbit)
  • Gnome – the race that no one plays

Why the restrictions? Good question. You could ignore this and run your own campaign, using all the races and I’d never know or acknowledge it. So yes you can do that if you please. As to why I think the restrictions fit my world, it is because it helps to build upon and to restrict things. It was easier for me as a new DM to handle that which I already knew rather than have to know and understand all the lore of D&D specific races. Honestly most of the races (other than Human) are not seen as often and this helps the DM be able to quickly whip up NPCs. However, it also makes for interesting tales when a Dwarf, Elf, and Human save the whole world. It helps to give uniqueness and make you feel more unique when you play a less seen race. Although they are less seen, they are welcome and accepted in the community. In fact, they often are near many human settlements and do trade with them.

The races below require your character to either disguise themselves when in public or face some consequences. These races are either hardly found or not trusted, so they will tend to be burned at the stake or hunted down. (Might be a fun campaign if everyone plays a group of these races trying to liberate the name for their race and bring peace.):

  • Tiefling – they are demon spawn by definition and many demons have come and caused ruckus within Aldarria so you will probably be burned at the stake
  • Dragonborn – The legends of Dragons include death and destruction. Anything that managed to mate with that must be associated with death and destruction
  • Half – Orc / Orc / Goblin etc – usually you are raiding the lands

Now I get there are many other races, and they have a place. Even the Dragonborn and Tiefling do. Ask your DM, and if they don’t care I don’t care, it’s not my campaign. This is just a framework from my mind to help you and the DM have an enjoyable experience.


So you want to go around as a Sorcerer or a Warlock bringing the dead to life and causing a ruckus huh? Well there are stakes ready for you. If you read my lands guide you would know that there are only a couple of towns that teach magic. Few master it, and most are employed by the military. These are your Wizards. Anyone who decided to get a little frisky with their magic probably is delving into the dark arts and wishes to do harm to the world. Go on ahead slay the king of Aldarria, but when 200 well trained soldiers hunt you down and kill you don’t be surprised. So let’s talk run of the mill classes that most people won’t bat an eye towards:

  • Fighter – You probably are part of the military
  • Barbarian – You are a savage person who likes to kill maybe?
  • Bard – who doesn’t love music?
  • Monk – peaceful and can follow the religions to their pleasing
  • Paladin – they will be restricted to the religion of Jirah
  • Clerics – they will be restricted to the religion of Jirah too
  • Rogue – You steal from people or you help people using sneak and cunning
  • Ranger – You shoot things. Yay!

These are less common, but won’t get burned at the stake:

  • Sorcerer – Sorcerers are interesting seeing how they are very similar to Wizards. I wonder if WotC could have just made the Sorcerers Wizards, adding more subclasses. You can be evil and worship RHA, or you could be good and work for the military
  • Druid – These are mystics and are seen usually as hermits. Honestly I didn’t write in any Druid circles specifically. I tended to view them as not involved in the major civilizations
  • Wizard – These are heavily employed by the military and seek to become like the Four Great Wizards of Old
  • Artificer – You can bring this in if you have the books for it and if you wish to add in a more steampunk feel to some of the magical towns of Aldarria

The forsaken class:

  • Warlock – You are literally consorting with the devils in a sense to get power. So yes you will probably be burned at the stake


I personally did not add any backgrounds. I rarely tend to use them in my campaigns and I think WotC has done a fantastic job providing many backgrounds that would make sense. I think you should use one of those and follow the other character creation steps that you find in the Player Handbook.


Here we shall sacrifice to RHA the unsuspecting fools who ventured into our midsts - Cultist Leader
Yeeeaahhhhh!!! - Cultists
Have you thought about not doing that? - Charming Adventurer
Well now that you mention it no - Confused Cultist Leader
So why don't you untie us and let us go on our way - Charming Adventurer
Well I guess you are too charming to die today. Next time bring me an uglier person to sacrifice - Cultist Leader

Alright so let’s be real either you love religion in games or you hate it. Now I’ll be straight up – I don’t feel comfortable writing up some deities that I don’t believe in. I do believe in the LORD, so you might see some similarities to my beliefs in this religion section. These are just supplemental materials to help you. If you are appalled by my system, use WotC system or make your own. However this is the system that I have chosen to use:

  • RHA – A cult that worships a demon and has tried to bring it from the pits of hell multiple times
  • Haero – This is the worship of self balance. People who follow Haero try to balance mind and body to overcome that which they are faced with
  • Gemoni – These people find hope in idols and other crafted materials. They believe that their works will set them free from their problems in the World.
  • Jirah – This is broken out into multiple sects, some are more religious than others. Some say they believe, but find themselves wavering to the regiment. This is the only religion to worship one God and he has visited the people of Aldarria and sent his Celestial beings to aid them countless times. Also his armies subdued RHA during the summoning incident in the year 367

Change them or use them, once again I will not really know what you do in your campaign. I am just creating a framework that you can use.


Alright so now you know how the various peoples and beings interact within the world of Aldarria. This is a great starting point for you to be able to create campaigns and use my world within them. Stay tuned as I continue to add in more content and expand on the world of Aldarria. As always, let me know in the comments or on social media some stories from Aldarria that you created.

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