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I do believe a proper introduction would help us to trust you. - Any party member ever

Welcome to Tales of Aldarria a blog about all things Dungeons and Dragons, with an emphasis on my hombrew world Aldarria. My name is Daniel Zrust and I enjoy playing D&D as well as being a DM. I personally prefer to hombrew my campaigns (the world that is), but I also enjoy standard 5e D&D. In this blog you can expect to find a few things:

  • DM tips
  • Puzzles to use in campaigns
  • Failed and successful experiments
  • Other things I have experienced as a DM and a player that have gone well and sadly not so well.
  • Homebrew content (no Dwarfs were hurt in the making of this content probably)

Let’s explore the vast world of Aldarria together and go on an adventure!

Since it probably needs to be said: I do not own Dungeons and Dragons nor any of its official content, logos, or trademarks. The world of Aldarria to the best of my knowledge should be my own, and although I run it with a standard D&D 5e system the world is not contained to being played in such an environment. Anything that is mentioned that uses the 5e system from Wizards of the Coast is not my own. Anything that I create on my own (to the best of my knowledge) will be marked appropriately. If you find something that seems to be taken or adapted from elsewhere please let me know and I will update accordingly to give credit where credit it due.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo